Wednesday, June 9, 2010

YouTube User Markee871 States: Arab Men Have Huge D**ks & We Are Jealous Of Said Huge D**ks Or Sumptin

Caution, entire post & video NSFW

My inbox from youtube/user/markee871
Reply to your comment on carlos mencia on torture in iraq

@allahakchew shut the fuck up u dumbass cunt, read ur bloody hostory, u shed blood all over the world, enslaved blacks...lynched and raped their women,killed off a native population..ur missionaries go to poor nations and feed ppl only if they embrace christianity! dont get me started.
and arab men have huge DICKS,theyre known for it! its all just jealousy
This is the video I commented on:

Now you know the reason for the dick comment to me. Must suck markee871 has to use tweezers to find his...............BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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Anonymous said...

markee871 is a troll using several accounts to swear and threaten people in Youtube!Her other accounts used to be vienneseoyster49, desertflower9, LadyInRedNY and redshesaid2.
Now, she uses the accounts Hannnah Tijani, Dina Giudice, sosaveurbreath,Rubypearl69,Jennifer Cook, Heather Crow and PinkPearlphase2!
Be careful of her!