Saturday, June 19, 2010

Israel Versus Iran Betting Pool

DMartyr at SnappedShot has opened the eagerly awaited betting pool!

Israeli Nuke Strike Betting Pool

Israel is preparing to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities. What will Iran claim was hit? Will the Evil Zionists™ destroy another Baby Milk Factory? An Orphanage? Or much worse, an Iranian Center for Religious Tolerance?

Join the betting pool!

Place your bets! Pick a grid.

Winner will receive an AUTHENTIC copy of Brian C. Ledbetter’s ***Cease and Desist from the Associated Press! Brian will also throw in the ORIGINAL FedEx envelope! (Any participating blog willing to contribute a prize, please let us know. Other prizes would be greatly appreciated.)[Jawa's identities can't be revealed, so we will offer fatwas unless Rsluty comes up with something..ed]


You can use comments to pick a grid or you can email me. Be sure to include your blogging nick, your blog name and the blog's URL.

Betting Pool will remain open until Israel strikes at Iran's nuclear facilities.

NOTE: Casualty numbers have been RANDOMLY added but will be kept hidden until the Betting Pool ends.

Winner will be the blog that selects the most accurate target claimed by IRAN - not the actual target Israel hits! If more than one blog correctly selects the claimed target, the overall winner will be whoever has the correct target AND the closest casualty count, as reported by IRAN.

I'll be updating the pool daily, replacing the numbers in the grids with blog names.

(Click to enlarge and open in a new window.)

**In the event Iran claims a target that is not on this list and not even close to any listed, will select the closest match.**

**One entry per blog! Bloggers may enter multiple blogs, however, reserves the right to limit the number of entries by one blogger.**

**In the event of multiple winners (should Iran claim multiple targets), a random draw will determine overall winner.**
If you have a blog, please enter!

***Brian's cease & desist:
Snapped Shot Shut Down by AP
[Rusty]Brian from Snapped Shot received a cease and desist order from the AP for using their images. I told Brian "tell the AP to go jump in a river". Since all of the AP images reprinted by Brian are criticisms of them, they clearly fall into the realm of "fair use".
Let the games/bets begin! Head on over to SnappedShot to place your bet, or email DMarty with your bet.

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