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SS Saint Pancake: Navy Boarded, None On Board Wanted To Become Another Saint (Update: Video of Israeli Navy Boarding SS St. Pancake)

Update: Scroll down for video

The boarding of the Rachel Corrie containing activists and aid for Gaza was described by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Saturday as a quiet operation. Netanyahu was quick to distinguish between the boat of Irish and Malaysian activists and the Turkish-sponsored Mavi Marmara which was boarded May 31 in an incident that left nine dead and scores wounded.

"The different outcome we saw today underscores the difference between peace activists who we disagree with but respect their right to express their different opinion and flotilla participants [on the Mavi Marmara] who were violent extremist supporters of terrorists," said Netanyahu.

IDF navy forces boarded and took control of the MV Rachel Corrie Saturday afternoon. The troops did not meet any resistance from activists attempting to break the Gaza blockade, and the operation was completed without violent incidents.

The military said its forces boarded the 1,200-ton cargo ship from the sea, not helicopters. Army spokeswoman Lt. Col. Avital Leibovich said Saturday's takeover took only a few minutes and that the vessel was being taken to Ashdod port.
Bummer, MSM doesn't have talking points except to refer to the SSJihadi incident.

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In other news, not widely known, a peace loving terrorist organization, Hamas, raided NGO offices in Gaza shortly after the SSJihadi incident. Took everything, including the keys to the offices.
The NGOs raid on Monday were: Sharik Youth Institution, Bonat Al-Mustaqbal (Future Builders) Society, the South Society for Women’s Health, and the Women and Children Society.

The security agents searched the offices and made a list of the equipment and other belongings.

Later in the day, Hamas policemen returned to the offices of the same NGOs and called the directors by telephone. They confiscated most of the equipment and other items, including computers, faxes, cameras, documents and reports, in addition to the keys to their doors. The security agents informed the directors that their organizations were closed. They did not provide any reasons behind this decision.

The following day [Tuesday], Hamas security men stormed the offices of another two NGOs, the Palestinian Mini Parliament and the *National Reconciliation Committee. They confiscated the keys to their doors and ordered them closed[...]

“Al-Mezan views these assaults on NGOs and the way they were carried out without any respect for the law with great concern,” the center said in a statement. “Al-Mezan condemns them and questions their timing, which comes amid the outcry against the Israeli crime against the Freedom Flotilla commandos fought off jihadi of the SSJihadi.[Fixed that for ya..ed].”

It said such assaults on NGOs “violate constitutional rights under Article 26 of the amended Palestinian Basic Law, which provides Palestinians the right to participate in public life, particularly by forming syndicates, unions, institutions, clubs and popular institutions.”[Silly people, you have no rights only Hamas does...ed]

The UN’s special coordinator for the Middle East peace process, Robert Serry, expressed deep concern over the raids and closure of the NGO offices.
Deep concern and no outrage? Oh, forgot, Hamas is not a Jewish organization.

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* National Reconciliation Committee. I read a interview of Hamas political bureau head, Khaled Mash'al, two days after the SSJihadi incident. Reconciliation was mentioned several times. My, he certainly used lying for the sake of Allah (Taqiyya) well. No wonder Hamas closed those NGO's.

MEMRI translated:
On June 2, 2010, two days after the Gaza "Freedom Flotilla" events, the London daily Al-Hayat published a comprehensive interview with Hamas political bureau head Khaled Mash'al. In it, Mash'al said that the flotilla campaign, in which Turkey had played a welcome role, would bring about the complete end of the siege on Gaza; that his May 11, 2010 meeting with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev was held without preconditions and that Hamas had paid no political price; that Hamas is willing to accept a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders, with the right of return for the refugees, but rejects the Quartet's demand that it recognize Israel; and that Hamas would not reject a decision to recognize Israel should such a decision be taken by the majority of Palestinian people in both Palestine and the diaspora.

Mash'al added that resistance is a fundamental principle for Hamas, which cooperates with all the resistance forces; that the PLO should be rebuilt so as to represent the entire Palestinian people; and that the resistance front, consisting of Iran, Syria, Hizbullah, Hamas and other resistance factions, is gathering strength and creating a situation in which Israel "can no longer win its wars."

Following are excerpts from the interview: [1][ Read the interview
I wonder, who will be the next ship to set sail in support of poor Gazans Hamas?

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