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UN Watch's Hillel Neuer Exposes UN Silence on Kyrgyzstan Massacres

Kyrgyz ethnic cleansing of 100,000 Uzbeks
It was early afternoon when the mob surged down an alley of neat rose bushes and halted outside Zarifa's house. The Kyrgyz men broke into her courtyard and sat Zarifa down next to a cherry tree. They asked her a couple of questions. After confirming she was an ethnic Uzbek, they stripped her, raped her and cut off her fingers. After that they killed her and her small son, throwing their bodies into the street. They then moved on to the next house.

"They were like beasts," Zarifa's neighbour, Bakhtir Irgayshon, said today, pointing to the gutted bedframe where she had been assaulted. A few pots and pans remained; the rest of the family home was a charred ruin. Zarifa's husband, Ilham, was missing, Irgayshon said, probably dead. Only his mother, Adina, survived the Kyrgyz-instigated conflagration that engulfed the neighbourhood of Cheremushki last Friday.

The scale of the ethnic killing that took place in Osh – as well as in other towns and villages in southern Kyrgyzstan – was grimly obvious. In the next street were the remains of another victim. He burned to death in his bed. Not much was left, only a jigsaw-like spine and hip. Nearby, Uzbek survivors were retrieving the bodies of seven small children. They had been incinerated, together with their mother, while cowering in a dark cellar.

Witnesses said the attacks by the Kyrgyz population on the Uzbek minority were attempted genocide[...]

"We're hardworking people. We were never nomadic like the Kyrgyz. We never lived in yurts. For the past 2,000 years we've built stone houses," Rustam said. He acknowledged that the town's Uzbeks were usually better off than their Kyrgyz neighbours. "Since the Silk Road, we've been involved in commerce and trade. We are successful. The Kyrgyz are jealous and resent this."
9, yes 9 jihadi martyred (they prayed they would be) on the Turkish Flotilla of hate compared to 100,000 murders committed by Kyrgyz's against the Uzbeks! Islam have anything to do with it? Yes, it does. Hatred of Jews have anything to do with it? Yes, it does.

Blood in the Streets of Bishkek (My two days running with the mob in Kyrgyzstan. APRIL 9, 2010)
[...]It is Thursday.

"The revolution is over. ... We have won ... we are in control here." The rebel is crouching atop an armoured personal carrier punctured by bullets. This is a rasping, hoarse voice. "We are the security." He is in his 20s and draped in the blood-red flag of Kyrgyzstan, whose golden emblem falls over his hunched back as he stares down from this wreck of a vehicle. "Everything is now... calm here." His eyes are glazed, sleep-deprived. Wild. Around us, dawn is creeping over Bishkek and smells of gunpowder. Plumes of smoke are slowly rising from smouldering ruins. The last crackling of AK-47s fell silent only hours before.

"The people have acted. ... Bakiyev is no longer the power in Kyrgyzstan."

He is surrounded by 10 other exhausted faces, shattered glass from stormed government buildings crunching under their feet. They are hostile and loiter in a pack in the blueish light. The night was filled by the ricochets of live rounds, the crack of shotguns, and the sporadic, clattering drone of machine guns. Above us is a ripped-apart concrete edifice that three days ago was the bureau of the president's feared prosecutors. Inside, ceilings have partially fallen in and the floor is awash with debris. This is destruction made of piles of stamped paper, gnarled metal beams, bashed tables, overturned cabinets, and cracked tiles, blended into chaos.

"The snipers fired at us. ... They fired through this truck ... They hit a woman...!"

The older man in charge bangs his hand on the punctured tires. He is wearing a traditional, elf-like Kyrgyz hat. Eyes are reddened. Then he gestures to our right past the empty beer bottle perched on the metal armour of the dead APC.

"They were shooting from up there. "

The finger points at the ruined White House. All windows have been shattered and blackened burn marks mar the facade. It is now a gutted, looted ruin. The corpse of power itself. Toughs wrapped in the flag have pieced together the ornate railings that were ripped apart when insurrection struck and mobs stormed the building.

A placard hangs in a prominent spot on the building. Black-painted words, in Russian so that foreigners like me can read them. "Dirty Jews and all those like Maxim Bakiyev have no place in Kyrgyzstan."

"We captured the building ... Lots of people died, but now we are in control." The older man waves his laminated membership card of an opposition party in my face and grins at the placard.

"The Jews are Kaput. ... The Jews are already gone."
Here's the banner:

9, yes 9 Turkish Flotilla jihadi martyred for the sake of Allah vs 100,000 innocents murdered.

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Update: If you are unaware, the US has a air base in Manas, the main transit hub for troops and equipment destined for Afghanistan. A senior Kyrgyz official is threatening to close it if Britain doesn't extradite ex-president's son. Kyrgyz government is accusing him of organising violence against Uzbeks.

Crazy shite going on over there.

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