Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Facebook & Google's YouTube Presents The "Final Solution to the Jewish Question" (3rd Palestinian Intifada )

Good News!! Al Qaeda logo in center

MEMRI, as well as I , noted some 3rd Palestinian Intifada pages were removed from Facebook only to have a lot more take their place.

Further reading the article at MEMRI I noted a YouTube video they mentioned[above]
It is noteworthy that this page[Below, Arabic: Third Palestinian Intifada_ Vnasr It is a jihad or martyrdom, God willing...ed] includes a video from a website promoting the Third Intifada campaign,, which is currently down. At the end of the video, the details of "the official website of the Palestinian Intifada" are shown, as well as the emblem of the Islamic State of Iraq, known as the emblem of Al-Qaeda.[Read it all]
Below is a screenshot of that page:

Facebook AND YouTube are promoting OR ignoring what these groups are pushing...genocide against Jews

Screenshot of's subscribers, friends below:

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