Saturday, April 9, 2011

Finland: Speaking Out Against Al Qaeda's Russian Affliate Kavkaz Center & Calling Doku Umarov a Terrorist May Get Priest Defrocked

Kavkaz hearts the Jawa Report

How dare Priest Juha Molari call the top leader of the al Qaeda-linked Caucasus Emirate, Doku Umarov, a terrorist! He also called out Kavkaz Center for supporting him and the terror group.

Finland feels it's a free speech issue as reason to not shut down Kavkaz Center. I guess Finland also feels death threats (including beheading) from Finnish terror supporters against the Priest is also a free speech issue?

Video via BigPeace below:



Allahu Akbar!! Free speech for al-Qaeda supporting journalists!

US Designates Caucasus Emirate Leader Doku Umarov a Global Terrorist

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