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Update On: Protesters Interrupt Obama to Sing Support for Bradley Manning [Howling Manning Lovin Hippy (Tiffani Hillin) Bonus!

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Update on this Update on this post

Video from Wired

Leftist hippy nutzo, Tiffani Hillin, graced the comment thread with her brain on stupid:
Many others are following in Bradley Manning's footsteps, in their own lives. I have been concerned with the abuse of our soldiers for many years now and Bradley's actions have allowed a much larger forum for discussion...For the record: I support US Soldiers. I do not support those that give them their orders and those that trained them to behave the way they do. Two words: "Collateral Murder"[guess she didn't get the MEMO: Jawas debunked it..ed]

hello? I've been looking for something- some SOLID proof of the atrocities of our wars... This is what I've been waiting for for a long time. Are you saying that nothing has changed since "Collateral Murder" was released? Many more soldiers will be motivated to do the right thing because of what he did. Just wait.

If you think what the United States is doing is justified, then you have a right to that opinion. Defend the behavior all you want- but if you ask me, what the soldiers did in "Collateral Murder" was wrong. Though.... I do not blame the soldiers. I blame those that created them.
Our soldiers are being abused.
I do know this.
I heard their voices.
When I watched that video, I felt what was going on.
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Image credit: Jawa commenter Ryno

I saw what they did...
We all did. (I hope)
There is no law or rule that will change my mind.
And aside from the horrific video I've already seen...
I've heard for years, many veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, describing in tears, situations similar and worse than "Collateral Murder".
Show me a law allowing this type of behavior and I'll break it.
There's more, lots more

Stupid beotch, stupid hippy beotch.

h/t TrollOUT, who linked to our debunking post: *****crickets***** from those in love with Manning, the traitor.


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