Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kavkaz Center Falsely Reports Freedom House Has Aided Them

Well kinda, a way for Russian people to go around censorship of their website.

I would imagine Al Qaeda's Russian affiliate feels giddy Russians (and others who were blocked) may now be able to read their propaganda.

Most importantly though, good news for the Chechen mujahideen.

I really don't think Freedom House had this in mind...just sayin. The headline at Kavkaz is misleading (that's how propaganda works). Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Iran, etc was the reason this was implemented, not access to terrorist supporting websites. Much like "Voice of Jihad", Taliban's propaganda website [which has been pwnd several times by Jawas], no intelligence can be gained. Both are used for terrorist propaganda, only.

Finland chooses to host Kavkaz Center calling it a 'freedom of speech' issue.

Our State Department has designated Caucasus Emirate Leader Doku Umarov a Global Terrorist, which Kavkaz Center supports through 'freedom of speech'.

Kavkaz is "Аль-Каиды любителей assmaggots

BTW, do me a favor and please click on link to Kavkaz so they can see who's linking.

They so enjoy kaffir boobies

Cause I would really like a fatwa, I'll share!

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