Friday, April 15, 2011

ISM Blames Israel for Death of Activist Murdered by Islamists

Update on Pali Jihadis Kidnap Italian Anti-Israeli Activist [Updated: Murdered, Found DEAD!][Jawa Report]

The group that kidnapped, and eventually murdered him was Tawheed wal Jihad (Unification and jihad), an al Qaeda affiliate.

Islamofacists, and their useful idiots, want to blame Israel.

Via ISM [International Solidarity Movement] twitter account

I found this video at This is Gaza[< the comments at this site], ao I commented on the video at YouTube, and apparently, my comments weren't welcome...It's da Juice messing things up:

This message brought to you by SH, a member of Juice undercover Zionist media:

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john mosley aka old cowboy said...

blame the isrealis,cant the goathumpers come up with anything better this sdhit is gettin old,and by the way why have i been banished from commenting on the jawa report?

Stable Hand said...

No, they can't come up with anything better.

Banished from Jawa?

Dunno bout it. What was your handle?