Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Norway: Oslo Taxis Refuse to Drive to the Synagogue

Little did she know how Jew hatred in Norway has evolved[googlish translate]:
[Aftenposten]"Jew!" Is a frequently used term of abuse. Not only to Jews but to everyone and everything. "Jew," if you get bad on a test. "Jew," if you fall short of the goal in soccer.

The other day I was in a Bar Mitzva (comparable to a Christian confirmation), and relatives from several countries came to celebrate. My grandmother's siblings were too weak to go to synagogue. They went to a taxi and the driver asked where they should. The man came from the Middle East, and would not run them at synagogue. They were bewildered, but went to the next taxi. The same thing happened. This is unbelievable!
Unbelievable is a understatement. Had the roles reversed, you can bet your boots Muslim lawsuits would abound.

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