Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Disabled Iraqi Weightlifter First Female To Qualify For Paralympics

A "crowded" weightlifting gym in Baghdad? Sweet!

Iraq’s Zekra Zaki believes she can win medal in Beijing Paralympic Games.
When Iraq's Paralympic medal hope Zekra Zaki is furiously pumping iron at a crowded Baghdad gym[emphasis mine] she forgets that she has no legs. "I don't feel disabled at all," the long-haired athlete said after doing repetitive bench presses in training for the Beijing Paralympic Games later this year.

Competing in the 56 kilogrammes (123 pounds) category, she believes she can win a medal in China. "If I win a medal I will dedicate it to my father's spirit and to my country," said Zaki, 27, who lost her legs in a car accident at the age of two.[Defeatest you are out of luck on this one..ed]

"A victory will justify all the difficulties I have had to face to get this far," added the soft-spoken but powerfully built woman, perspiring from the exertion.

Zaki is Iraq's first disabled female athlete to qualify for the Paralympics[emphasis mine] which will be staged in September after the Beijing Olympic Games.

Six male weightlifters and a volleyball team will also be in Beijing to represent Iraq at the Paralympics.

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God forbid if a good story comes out of Iraq.


I wish Zekra Zaki the best of luck in her competition. She is a survivor and one tough lady!

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Third Zionist Whore said...

WooHoo, what a fighting lady! I will be pulling for her!