Sunday, April 20, 2008

Muslims..... Tell Me You Know How To Love?

I wanted to write something today. But, I realize I have been to angry to be able to write anything. So, I have just been contemplating why I am so damn angry. Angry to the point of being mute. Being mute has only happened to me in times of great personal crisis when I can not reconcile cruelty and hatred with what I believe and hold sacred. I have no reconciliation for my anger. It is boundless where this problem is concerned. My anger is at the "religion" of Islam. The religion that abuses everyone and everything that it touches. The religion that gives nothing and has given nothing to the world but hate, war, and all manner of strife. I have done my best to understand Islam and the adherents of Islam. I fail to see the redemption of any creed that cares nothing for the sanctity of human life and has never seen a human right that it was not willing to trample. A creed that does not know love and does not even discuss love is beyond any redemption at all.
You decide; is God watching you? I think he is. What does he see?