Saturday, April 26, 2008

Osama bin Laden: Just A Troubled Youth

"The Bin Ladens", a book by Steve Coll takes a look at the "real" Osama bin Laden. According to Mr Coll OBL became radicalized because of the death of his brother Salem. Salem died in 1988 in a plane crash.

Who would of thunk he was only a troubled youth?!?! Coll claims the West mistakenly portrays him as as a "incarnation of evil" but he really isn't. Tell that to the 9/11 victims families and the untold number who have died and are dying because of this "troubled youth".

Ottawa Citizen
LONDON (Reuters)
A new book looks at Osama bin Laden through the prism of his family, and suggests that the death of his extrovert playboy brother Salem in a 1988 plane crash was an important factor in his radicalization.

"The Bin Ladens," by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Steve Coll, traces the family's rise to prominence in Saudi society through the 20th century and how its fate, and that of Osama in particular, was inextricably linked with the royal family's.

By putting Osama's life in the context of his 53 globe trotting brothers and sisters and the upheavals facing Saudi Arabia, Coll seeks to dispel some of the myths surrounding a man often portrayed in the West as an incarnation of evil.[emphasis mine]
Coll went on to say this:
"I met so many friends of Salem who, without prompting, said if he had lived, 9/11 would not have happened, and you can see their case," Coll explained in an interview with Reuters.
9/11 would "not have happened"? I call BS

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Third Zionist Whore said...

But of course he is .... like the kids that pull the wings off of butterflies. Wonder why anyone would try to to "white wash" this psych .... he and the rest of the world would be better off with him dead. Oh wait a mo!; he wouldn't because hell is a bit more hot than the ME. :)