Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Two Israeli Citizens Killed In Border Attack

Palestinian terrorists must think kidnapping IDF soldiers works to their advantage. Two innocent Israeli's died because of it. The ironic part is that the two were working for the oil terminal which regularly give fuel to Gazan's. So much for humanitarian aid.

Residents of terrorized kibbutz asked to stay in secure rooms for fear of further firing by terrorists. Mortar shells continued to fall long after the gunmen left. Kibbutz resident: 'Nothing like this has ever happened here'

IDF officials estimated that three to five gunmen infiltrated the terminal from Gaza in an attempt to kidnap soldiers. Nahal Oz is the only kibbutz in the area with secure rooms, and the residents were told to remain hidden inside of these rooms. More...

In other news Israel has said it will refuse a visa for the new United Nations human rights envoy to the Palestinians after he said it was responsible for a “Holocaust in the making” in Gaza.
Richard Falk, a Jewish-American law professor, is to assume the UN post of special rapporteur in June.

But the Israeli government is furious as he compared it last year to Nazi Germany and has refused to retract his comments since his appointment.

A spokesman for Israel’s foreign ministry also accused his employers of bias.

Israeli officials want the envoy to evaluate Palestinian human rights violations, including rockets fired on Israeli civilians, alongside any Israeli transgressions. More..

Good for Israel!

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