Friday, April 4, 2008

Great Britain Pushing Back

Today I actually heard some sanity and positive steps come from Great Britain where their dhimmitude is now in question. Alison Ruoff , who is a member of The Synod of The Church Of England has called for a banning on the building of any more mosques in England. She further stated that England is a Christian Country. Please read the full story at The Daily Mail it is very good.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowen Williams set off a firestorm of controversy with his statements earlier this year where he indicated that a form of Shariah law should be recognized in Great Britain. Needless to say, the statements by the Archbishop went over like a lead balloon with the citizens of Great Britain who have had to put up with plenty of "bigoted" behavior from her Muslim immigrants that are from that vaunted religion of peace know Islam. Ms. Ruoff's comments were prompted not just by the fact that Great Britain is a Christian country but that when a mosque goes up in Britain the area becomes a "no go zone" for non- Muslims.

The Bishop Of Rochester, Dr. Michael Nazir-Ali has stated in the past that the building of mosques sets up areas where prayers are amplified and become "no go areas" areas as well. He has warned in the past that this is unacceptable and imposes an Islamic nature on those in the area that are not in fact Muslim and should not be imposed upon.

Most of the mosques that have been built in Great Britain has been accomplished with petro dollars from Arab countries. So, it should be said that a foreign goivernment is trying to influence the national life of non-Muslim countries. In the case of Saudi Arabia this means the export of their Salafi hatred and intolerance of anyone that is non-Muslim and their frank murderous tendencies to the Judaic population. Look out U.S.A. --- we should not allow them here either. Not until the day that Christians and Jews have the same rights to religious freedom in Islamic countries that Muslims enjoy in Western countries. Complete parity.

In response to the criticism wouldn't you expect a minority religion to have respect for their host country and the other citizens of the country in that has given them a home? Well, I am sure we all know that this is never the response of Islam when it gets told "no" about anything. Here is Inayat Bunglawala, the assistant secretary for the Muslim Council of Britain comments ----- " "These are very narrow-minded and bigoted remarks.

"As a Christian, she surely ought to be working to build good ties between different communities."

Sure Inayat, take a look at some of those signs your coreligionist like to tote around. Take a look at your religion and what your religion seeks to impose upon people that have no desire for it and have bent over backwards to live peacefully with you. Take a look at your impositions on others before you spread your slanderous and rude comments around.

Good for you England, I knew you still had the desire for freedom beating in your heart!

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SuperSekritZH#? said...

They have to do something! When one uses Islam for avoiding losing a drivers license and gets away with it UK could be doomed