Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Israel Preparing For Massive War Drill

Jerusalem News Wire
Tens of thousands of Israelis are to participate next week in a nationwide emergency drill that will simulate a massive missile strike on the country's population centers.

The exercise was approved by Israel's security cabinet Wednesday and will be launched with a cabinet meeting conducted as if Israel was at war, and the sounding of air raid sirens throughout the land.

Sectors to be involved will include the Israel Defense Forces, all government ministries, local authorities and the educational services.[...]

Last week IDF officials reported that the Hizb'allah now has more rockets than it did before the last war, and that it is now equipped with missiles that can hit much deeper into Israel, even as far south as Dimona, the site of Israel's nuclear facility.

Before this was reported Iran called up its reserve troops fearing an Israeli air strike. Or could it be preparing for one of its own.


Israeli's to be kitted for non-conventional warfare

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