Sunday, April 13, 2008

(Bumped)Taliban Websites On US & Australian Servers(Update: PWND!)

Taliban need to spend time to find new servers now.....BHAHAHAHAH!
See MPJ for details and thank you to all that helped!

The OFFICIAL websites of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the group more commonly known as the Taliban, are once again being hosted on servers in the United States, Australia, & the Netherlands. The websites are used as press release outlets for two of the Taliban's top spokesmen. One of the websites is in English.

The English language website was updated as recently as today with "press releases" from the Taliban including "Puppet police commander among 10 gourd police were killed in Kandahar" & "Martyrdom Operation At Military convoy of Canadian soldiers in Kandahar" [sic].

Hosting these websites violates U.S. & international law. You can help by following the instructions below on how to complain to the service providers.

Please head over to Jawa and help smackdown the Taliban!

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