Thursday, March 4, 2010

How A Nebraska Bill May Pivot the Abortion Debate

Excellent article by American Thinker
The abortion debate may get an interesting twist soon. The Nebraska Legislature is considering a bill to ban abortions performed twenty weeks into a woman's pregnancy. Nebraska has a nonpartisan, unicameral legislature, so many of the shenanigans which can cause legislative bills to fall into a maelstrom of confusion are absent there. This is not a "partisan" issue, and no conference committee reports can swallow the bill and then regurgitate it as unrecognizable vomit. [...]
Do unborn feel pain? Why is anesthesia required?
Does an unborn child feel pain when it is killed? Medical technology now allows surgical procedures to be performed on very small unborn children. This advance in medicine alone takes away many of the arguments for abortions -- more and more at-risk unborn babies can enter the world healthy. But more to the point of fetal pain, when surgeons perform this sort of procedure on babies in the womb, anesthesia is administered. Why do that unless the unborn baby can feel pain?
Read the full article to digest it all. The liberals worry about GITMO torture, baby seals, save the whales, Gaza, etc. but do they give a damn about the unborn?

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