Friday, March 5, 2010

ATTN: YouTube User ClashOfSwords: " Dear Muj: Don't Let Me Near Your Training Videos" Or "Meet the Barefoot Terrorist Synchronized Dancing Team"

Via Jawa Report:

UPDATE by Rusty:The original headline was "Dear Muj: Don't Let Me Near Your Training Videos"

Followed by Vinnie's quip of, "Otherwise, you'll get this."

But I had to change it because, well, I know some of you wouldn't watch it unless you knew what you were getting yourselves into. Truth in advertising.

They're just like the Bad Boys of the San Francisco Bay Club that won the 1987 Crystal Light Aerobics competition. Only they couldn't afford shoes, they're taste in music sucks, and they're twice as gay.

Also, nothing says "ready for battle" better than no shoes.

YouTube user ClashOfSwords had the original vid and it begged for Jawa input, which it received..LOLOLOLOL
He has lots of FAIL mujahideen training vids he pushes as awesome, especially this one:


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