Saturday, August 20, 2011

Busted: Facebook Apologizes For Removing AZ Govenor's Post Cricizing Obama's New Immigration Policy

I noticed earlier today this had happened. Gov Brewer re-posted it in defiance. Good to see they apologized although (as of this writing) her Facebook page hasn't been updated yet to state such.
Facebook issued an apology Saturday for deleting a post by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer that criticized President Obama over his administration's new policy on prioritizing deportations of illegal immigrants.

Brewer's picture and a statement that accompanied it were removed Friday from Facebook, apparently because they "violated Facebook community standards."

"The post was removed in error," Andrew Noyes, Manager of Public Policy Communications at Facebook said in a statement. "We apologize for any inconvenience."
Sure it was removed in error, doesn't your policy state you review posts that are flagged to determine if they are against your TOS?

Facebook/Obamabots just got OWND by Gov Brewer...

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