Friday, August 26, 2011

Iran Celebrates "Al Quds Day"..

Complete with Mad Mullah's approved "over the burqa vest".

GW replaced by Obama

Child abuse

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Al Quds day (aka Jerusalem Day) is a yearly event in Iran[via The Meir Amit ITIC]

1. On or around August 26[today..ed] the Iranians mark International Jerusalem Day. They began in 1979 following a decision taken by the Ayatollah Khomeini and the Iranian regime on the third Friday of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. The objective of Jerusalem Day is to express the support of Iran and the Arab-Muslim world for the Palestinian cause and the "liberation of Jerusalem," to defame Israel and call for its destruction, and to defy the United States and the West in general ("the arrogant super powers").

2. This year's Jerusalem Day events occur on the backdrop of the popular protests in the Middle East against the Arab regimes, the events of Nakba Day and Naqsa Day, the campaign to delegitimize Israel and potential powder keg of the Palestinian arena in preparation for UN move in September. The Iranian regime may exploit all of the above in Jerusalem Day for propaganda and practical leverage against Israel. In our assessment, among other things the Iranians may encourage protests along Israel's borders, exploiting the current instability in Syria, Jordan and Egypt. The Iranians may also encourage demonstrators to cross the borders into Israeli territory (similar to the invasion of Majd al-Shams on Naqsa Day, which set a precedent) to make Jerusalem Day events provocative and violent, drawing wanted media attention to Iran and the messages it wants to send.[More..]
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