Friday, August 26, 2011

Debate: Did George W Get Counterterrorism Policy Right?

U.S. counterterrorism policy since 9/11 has been phenomenally successful. Who could have imagined in 2001 that ten years later there would not have been a single successful attack on the American homeland? And yet, apart from a few lone-wolf attacks such as the shootings[terrorism..ed] by Major Nidal Hasan at Fort Hood, the record has been close to perfect[?...]
What is this article really about?
Such measures were denounced by civil libertarians and, once the immediate post-9/11 fear had passed, many of them were curtailed through a combination of congressional and court action. But key aspects of the Bush approach–from military tribunals and detentions at Guantanamo to Predator strikes–have been employed by the Obama administration. We now have a bipartisan approach to counterterrorism that has kept the United States safe for the past decade.
So this isn't really about GW, it's about The One.

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A few lone wolfs? Hasan, for one, is a homegrown terrorist and was successful at killing our finest and bravest because of PC. We have went from the "Global War on Terror" to Overseas Contingency Operations and terror attack like Hasan's is now called a Man Caused Disaster

Joe Biden's shout out about Navy SEAL Team 6 turning bin Laden into fish food was an unforgivable breach of their secrecy let alone intelligence leaked from Obama's "war room".

We are lucky because jihadis failed to detonate their explosives. We have to be right all the time while the jihadist only have to be right once.

Yes, GW was right but some of his policies have gone to the wayside due to PC, so called Islamophobia etc. Obama did up the drone strikes which is good but to compare him to GW is ridiculous. Hell, Obama didn't even know how to pronounce the military Corps, called them Corpse.

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