Friday, August 26, 2011

CAIR: Heh, Where's Your Tolerance For Muslim Extremists?

According to the report from the NORC at the University of Chicago Americans have more tolerance for Communists, gays, etc and not for Islamists. Duh, they didn't fly those planes into the Trade Centers or the Pentagon.

The report though, is really disturbing for the response Americans gave regarding Islamists: ZIP
“These figures are a result of people responding to what they perceive to be a serious threat,” Smith said. The survey found in 2008 that when asked if “A Muslim clergyman who preaches hatred of the United States” should be able to speak publicly, 41 percent of Americans said yes. The percentage remained unchanged in the 2010 survey. When asked if a Muslim extremist should be able to teach, 29 percent of Americans said yes in 2008 and 32 percent said yes in 2010. The survey found that 49 percent of Americans in 2008 would allow a book by a Muslim extremist to be in their local library, while 48 percent approved in 2010.
Would Americans allow a book as say Samir Khan's Inspire rag that includes "how to build a bomb in your moms kitchen"? Or lectures from Anwar al Awlaki? I know, those examples are from Muslim extremists, oh wait..

CAIR should be happy with the results, I'm not.

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