Friday, August 26, 2011

Oh Noes!! Russian aggressors carried out rite of baptism in Chechnya.

Via al-Qaeda's Russian affiliate (aka Kavkaz Center)

Crazy terrorists beat their foreheads on the ground 5 times and day to see who has the biggest "prayer bump", worship a rock and enjoy blowing themselves up to finally get laid...which they won't, they will just be dead and in a bunch of pieces. Sad sack of sh*ts

A little water on them would be an improvement, not to be baptized mind you, they need a good soaking. The images I have seen of the Islamic Caucuses Emirate's mujahideen are pretty nasty, dirty looking, flea and lice infested savages. They have no clue what "soap" means except from the nasty coming from their mouths

BTW, "kill Muslim men" in the headline refers all Muslims sects except Sufism will be banned.

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