Thursday, August 25, 2011

Video: Taliban Murder Man with 88mm Recoiless, Cindy Sheehan Shocked at Geneva Conventions Violation!

Via Bill Roggio
A videotape of the the Taliban brutally executing an Afghan police commander has been released on the Internet. The Taliban used a heavy weapon to kill the Afghan commander, and then desecrated the man's remains.

The videotape, which was released on the LiveLeak website, is undated. According to the caption, the tape shows the Taliban executing "a police commander in Paktia province after kidnapping him." A US military intelligence official told The Long War Journal that the description accompanying the video "is accurate."[More..]
UPDATE by Rusty: I'm going on a hunger strike until Cindy Sheehan shows up in Kandahar with Code Pink in tow.

You diet your way, I'll diet mine.

Video is at the Jawa Report Warning, extremely graphic

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