Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Horrific burns of nanny abandoned in Gaddafi's mansion

Via Daily Mail
A nanny who worked for one of Colonel Gaddafi's sons has told how boiling hot water was poured over her head after she refused to beat his daughter.

Shweyga Mullah's entire body is covered in weeping scabs after she was allegedly burned by Hannibal Gaddafi's wife, Aline Skaf.
Beotch Aline Skaf
She was found abandoned in a room at one of the family's luxury seaside villas in western Tripoli[...]

Reporter Dan Rivers said that when he walked in the room, he thought she was wearing a hat because her injuries were so bad.

'Then the awful realisation dawned that her entire scalp and face were covered in red wounds and scabs, a mosaic of injuries that rendered her face into a grotesque patchwork.

'Her chest, torso and legs are all mottled with scars -- some old, some still red, raw and weeping. As she spoke, clear liquid oozed from one nasty open wound on her head'.

A guard eventually took to a hospital, where she received some treatment but when Aline found out, he was threatened with imprisonment if he dared to help her again.[More..]
Gawd, that poor woman

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