Thursday, August 25, 2011

CAIR Upset By 9/11 Coloring Book; Calls It ‘Disgusting’

Umm, radical Muslim extremists aka terrorist DID kill Americans on 9/11, some of whom were Muslims as well as other religions.

CAIR trying to rewrite history?

They don't want dialog, proof:
Neither does GZM aka Park51:

I didn't offend them, I just disagreed with them. Go figure..

h/t Big Peace

UPDATE: Via Big Red Coloring Book Aug 3rd press release by Wayne Bell:

If you are interested in purchasing the coloring book, here is the link

I especially like the page where OBL is hiding behind one of his wives...lulz I dunno about the 6yr old age group though.

h/t NBC DFW Commentary

Xariif (commentor at Jawa Report) the 9/11 truther, doesn't like the coloring book cuz he hates kittehs!

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