Saturday, August 20, 2011

IDF: Grad rockets fired at Be'er Sheva killing one and injuring ten

A salvo of Grad rockets was launched at the populated city of Be'er Sheva killing one person and injuring ten more, three of them severely. The injured were evacuated to a near by hospital.

Earlier on Saturday (August 20), 30 Gard and Qassam rockets and mortar shells were launched at communities in southern Israel endangering the lives of innocent Israeli civilians.

In response, IAF aircrafts attacked a cell of terrorists in the northern Gaza Strip a few minutes after mortar shells were fired at Israeli territory. Direct hits were confirmed.
As Bubbe commented earlier:
Some 500,000 are spending Shabbot in bomb shelters. So far, family is safe. Count your blessings you don't have to live this way.
Amen to that! Please keep Israelis in your thoughts and prayers..

Below is a video which shows Iron Dome intercepting Grad rockets today in Be'er Sheva:

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