Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Bacha Bazi Boys

Frontline through PBS. had a one hour documentary about the Bacha Bazi boys of Afghanistan and Pakistan. I was not going to blog on this story but have found it to be so disturbing that I simply must. At one point while watching the movie I just dropped my face into my hands and sobbed. Bacha Bazi Boys are poor or orphaned children that are taken (or sold by their families) as young as 9 years old where they are taught to dance and sing for powerful warlords. Often times they dance in female clothing and make-up. They dance at weddings and at private parties exclusively for men. These young boys are raped by their powerful Islamic overlords. These children are also murdered when they try to leave and if they displease their "masters".They are owned just like any other sex slave. Here is an preview of the full length program which can be found here. I highly recommend that you watch the full length documentary.

I want to thank Frontline. I also want to state that I have seldom seen more courageous reporting than by these two gentlemen. You both have earned your wings.

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That is just heartbreaking, those poor dear little boys