Monday, April 19, 2010

Iraq: Al Qaeda's Two Top Leaders Abu Ayyub al Masri & Abu Omar al Baghdadi: DEAD (UPDATED - YES DEAD)

Awesome news - we hope.

Long War Journal
Iraq's Prime Minister and the US military confirmed that al Qaeda in Iraq's top two leaders have been killed during a raid in a remote region in the western province of Anbar.

"Abu Ayyub al Masri, also known as Abu Hamza al Muhajir, Abu Omar al Baghdadi and a number of al Qaeda leaders in Iraq were killed during a security operation in al Thar Thar region in Anbar," Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki told reporters at a press conference in Baghdad, according to Voices of Iraq.

US Forces Iraq, the US military comamnd in Baghdad, confirmed the report in a press release. [ Rest]
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Burning skull, cowbell to be added when absolutely without a doubt confirmed

Update: Can't get any hotter than this:
US Forces - Iraq - A series of Iraqi-led joint operations conducted over the last week resulted in the Iraqi Forces, with U.S. support, executing a nighttime raid on the AQI leaders’ safe house. The joint security team identified both AQI members, and the terrorists were killed after engaging the security team. Additionally, Masri’s assistant, along with the son of al-Baghdadi, who were also involved in terrorist activities, were killed.
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Images of the dead as in dead bodies, thank to akhi on a forum, who are stating "it's a photoshop". Sorry akhi but you are dead wrong.


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Update yet again: Up close and personal thanks to natej74O in comments[Jawa Report], doesn't Baghdadi remind you of the joker?:

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