Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hamas: Ready, Aim, Fire!!

Hamas executes two "collaborators" with Israel
In the first such executions in Gaza for five years and the first since Hamas seized power, the two men were killed by firing squad before dawn, said Samir Zakut of the Palestinian human rights group Al-Misan.

"This morning, the death sentences against collaborators Mohammed Ibrahim Ismail, 37, from Rafah, and Nasser Salameh Abu Freih, 34, of Jabaliya, were carried out," the Hamas interior ministry said on its website.

"They had been found guilty of collaborating for several years with the Zionist occupiers and of having as a result caused the death of several fighters," it said.
Ummm no Hamas, your mujahideen deaths caused by inability to hide behind women and children. You're so good at that.

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