Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This Is My "Big Bertha"

Behind the wheel is Air Force Senior Airman Kayla Manning, from Detachment 2 of the 732nd Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron. Before missions, she almost doubles her weight when she dons her battle gear.

While climbing into this life-saving vehicle, Manning has to place one knee on the MRAP's steps to hoist her weight upward to climb into the vehicle. But despite a stature of just over 5 feet 2 inches, she possesses the power, control and confidence of someone twice her size.

"This is my Big Bertha," said Manning, who is deployed from Edwards Air Force Base, Calif. "Before arriving in Iraq, we were trained on smaller vehicles. Once we arrived here, I was assigned to drive this big beast. Believe it or not, I drive better in this vehicle than the smaller ones."
I especially like the pink steering wheel cover.

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