Saturday, April 17, 2010

What If OBL Followers Had A Facebook Account?

Wait, they did. At least this one, several others thrive.

Security experts contacted Facebook and they shut it down
The al Qaeda leader, or someone posing as him, was using the social-networking site as a platform to show videos and speeches to Islamic militants -- until Facebook shut him down, that is.

His address was given as "the mountains of the world."

On Thursday, a security expert urged Facebook's U.S. owners to shut down the profile page, named "The leader of the Mujahideen, Osama bin Laden." The profile became active on March 25 and had already attracted nearly 1,000 extremists. Access was via the Taliban's own Facebook presence, according to U.K. publication The Sun.

Although the language used is Arabic, messages in English were beginning to appear, the Sun reported
Who gives a rats behind if it was in Arabic for God's sake. Online terrorism comes in many languages..sheesh.

Now if Facebook would listen to our complaints about other ehadi accounts instead of suspending accounts such as Rusty's. Mine was also suspended but I kinda posted too many sexy images of muslimah's.

Sexy, not porn, images - bad - images of beheading/etc - good. Go figure.

Update: Clarification - I posted the sexy images on Jihadist FB pages. Rusty? He didn't do anything to warrant a suspension, in fact he hardly posted on his page.

h/t YouTube Smackdown team member the Bartender.

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