Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hamas Terrorist Behind Murder of Israelis Met His 72Virgin Goats

Ali Ismail Ahmed Sawiti said to Mahmoud al-Mabhouh [ Hamas dead top honcho] upon seeing his virgin goats - WTF? Mahmoud replied, "You're lucky, I got 72 pigs". "BTW, wanna share"?

Ali Ismail Ahmed Sawiti, a wanted member of the Hamas terrorist organization was killed during a joint IDF-Border Police-ISA arrest operation in the village of Beit ‘Awwa, south of Hebron, last night.

A force surrounded the building in which Sawiti was hiding and called on him to surrender. Sawiti refused and opened fire at the forces, who than used engineering tools in addition to firing at the building’s exterior wall, in order to cause him to surrender. The terrorist continued to fire at the force, and was ultimately killed.

Sawiti, born in 1968, a resident of Beit ‘Awwa, was a member of a Hamas militant squad. He executed five shooting attacks and an explosive device attack between 1999- 2004.
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