Tuesday, April 6, 2010

(Dis-information) Infowars: Neo-Cons Defend Massacre Of Iraqi Journalists, Children

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Prison Planet is nukin futz pushing this non story.
Bloodthirsty neo-cons who would defend barbecuing Arab babies on the White House lawn if they were told it was part of the “war on terror” are disgracefully scrambling to defend a shocking video released by Wikileaks which shows U.S. Apache helicopters massacring Iraqi journalists and children in Baghdad while laughing about it.
Defend? You bet your ass when documentation shows otherwise[Centcom PDF]. Get your story straight twoofers/NWO crazies and quit sympathizing with our enemy...k, such as this post by your friend? Ahmed Yassin 23 (Afghanistan) on a terrorist supporting forum Jawa Report infiltrated:
"As salamu aleykum

After publishing this video.
Some ppl in my country said "I hate america and I support what Al-Qaeda is doing''

Was salam"
Way to go Wikileaks/Prison Planet.

File this under assmaggots.

Case Closed: Weapons Clearly Seen on Video of Reuters Reporters Killed in Iraq
Video Shows Reuters Camerman With Insurgents Being Killed [BUMPED/UPDATED: Vidcaps Show Weapons]

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