Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mine Disaster: Westboro Fag Group Met With Opposition In Charleston

h/t to Dr Eviler, in comments[TJR], who gave link to this:
The mine disaster happened about an hour and 15 minutes from my location. This has been one of the better responses to the Westboro nutjobs. The community supporting the miners' families came out and counter protested because the families could not.
Hats off to the counter protesters, the miners families have enough sorrow in their lives without having to see these hateful non human Phelps assmaggots. All hope was lost for the families of 4 missing miners when their bodies were found deep in the mine. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.

Hundreds of protesters from the mountain state worked to cover up the Westboro group's signs that said "God Hates West Virginia" and "Thank God For Dead Miners."

Brittany Bailey, whose father is a miner from Pineville, said "Just because they passed away doesn't mean God is punishing us. God is love. He's love, not hate. This is stupid."

Some even did a spontaneous dance to "Country Roads" to take attention away from the group.[Video at above link]
Found this at YouTube:

Expect Phelps idiots to sue because the good people of Charleston covered up their hateful signs or something.

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