Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Barrett Brown @True/Slant Calls Jawa Report Rusty Shackleford Facist For Defending the Military WITH FACTS Over The Wikileaks Video (UPDATED)

Foobar at Jawa Report linked to True Slant who chimes in on Rusty's post. Ummm, True Slant, feel like a fool yet? Or do facts get in the way of your posts? Next time you call us out have FACTS to back it up fool.
Now that the Wikileaks/DoD cover-up story has worked its way into the Yay-Genocidal-Old-Testament-Boo-Genocidal-Koran quarter of the blogosphere, the world is being treated to another round of attempted analysis from such folks who name their blogs in such a way as to remind everyone of the similarities between Arab dress and climate and those of a class of aliens depicted in Star Wars. Whoever runs this popular Jawa Report thing exhorts his readers to skip the hype
At least you did say popular, that I will hand you...but...doesn't get you off the hook for your dis-information. If all else fails - read the facts fool.

File this under assmaggots and oh Garret Brown GFYS love, Stable Hand at the Jawa Report

Update: Barret Brown corrected his post after reviewing Jawa Reports documentation of incident.
The Jawa Report is running a detail of the video that almost certainly shows one of the men to have been holding an RPG. Nor is this likely to be a trick of light; if one watches the original video knowing what to look for, the fellow can briefly be seen swinging the RPG around a bit as he walks. So, in addition to the men with the AK-47s, you have at least one man with an RPG that may have been seen by the Apache gunner. Holding an RPG in an area in which Coalition forces have taken fire is a great way to get shot, and standing around with such a person who does so is also pretty hazardous, as is seen in the video.[...]

One more thing to note – despite having gone over this video quite a bit before releasing it, the Wikileaks folks did not make any indications of having seen the RPG in question. If they did, but decided to leave it unremarked upon, then this is clearly a case of anti-Americanism-at-all-costs on the part of the organization’s heavily European user base. I’m waiting to hear back from Wikileaks for an interview and will be asking them to address this.

At any rate, I’ll have more on this reasonably soon, but wanted to note that I was incorrect in determining that there was no RPG to be seen in the video; at the time I was writing, this hadn’t been shown to be the case, but I should have known that, until certain parts had been examined closely enough, the possibility still existed that an RPG would indeed be visible.
Now if he would kindly correct his mis-information about Bill Roggio and the Fascist bloggers header.

Update also added to my post at Jawa Report

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