Tuesday, April 27, 2010

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Rahm from Terror Free Somalia:

Somalia's Al Qaeda-inspired Shebab militia Monday publicly executed a man and chopped off the right hand of another in Mogadishu, witnesses and officials said.

Ethiopian maid abused in UAE

Facebook Ansaral Sunnah's photo - dream on alQaeda

FB_ansaral sunnah_alqaeda_caliphate_alqaeda.jpg

Somali Pirates Flee From alShabaab
Guardian - The Somali pirate gang who have been holding a British couple hostage since October fled with their captives yesterday after militants linked to al-Qaida took over their territory.

Paul and Rachel Chandler, who are both in their 50s, were bundled into a car yesterday when al-Shabaab insurgents moved into the pirate stronghold of Harardhere in the coastal region of north Somalia.[...]

Al-Shabaab militants are chasing us," Yare told The Associated Press.

The Chandlers were kidnapped in October while on a yachting holiday. The pirates seized their 38ft yacht in the Indian Ocean as they sailed toward Tanzania.

Yare claimed that al-Shabaab has offered to pay £1.2m for the Chandlers but that his group is demanding £1.6m.

He said that pirates would abandon the Chandlers if the militants close in on them "because our lives are more important to us than holding on to them".
Not good news for the300-plus foreign hostages the pirates are holding.

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