Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cobert Pwns Wikileaks Founder

Via Rusty
Colbert quoted by Mediate:

Let’s talk about this footage that has gotten you so much attention recently. This is footage of an Apache helicopter attack in 2007. The army described this as a group that gave resistance at the time, that doesn’t seem to be happening. But there are armed men in the group, they did find a rocket propelled grenade among the group, the Reuters photographers who were regrettably killed, were not identified…You have edited this tape, and you have given it a title called ‘collateral murder.’

That’s not leaking, that’s a pure editorial. ...

“you have properly manipulated the audience into an emotional state you want before something goes on the air.”
Indeed they did.

Here is the deception: " Wiki Deception "Collateral Murder" 17 minute version seeks to incite "

Check out the users website Collateral Murder - The Wikileaks Deception Excellent information there to debunk Wikileak video

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