Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Slight of Hand at Wiki Leak and the Missing 20 Minutes of Video

Via Rusty at the Jawa Report
This is what Wiki Leaks is calling the "full video" of the incident that they describe as the "murder" of "civilians killed in Baghdad". Video that is causing outrage in Europe, Islamic countries, and among the American Left. The "full video" is nearly 40 minutes long.

Besides being dishonest about this being footage of mass "murder" and of those killed being "civilians", Wiki Leak is also being dishonest about this being the "full video". It's not. The so-called "full video" is missing 20 minutes of footage.

The editors of Wiki Leak are one part magician and one part defense lawyer. Like a good defense lawyer they are careful never to lie outright; just the convenient omissions coupled with spin which make innocent parties look guilty, and the guilty innocent.

Like a polished magician they want you to look at one hand -- the journalists, the casual manner in which the insurgents are talking to one another, the brutality of death in war, the wounded children -- so that your eyes are distracted from the hand which holds that which is important that you not see in order for the illusion to be complete -- the insurgent with an AK-47, the insurgent with a loaded RPG, the insurgent carrying a spare RPG round, firefights happening near the scene, the convoy which the Reuters cameraman is aiming his lens while surrounded by insurgents, the expressions of anger by the soldiers that insurgents had brought children to the area, the rescue of the children and their evacuation to two US bases for treatment.

But among the many glaring omissions in their perverse and evil slight of hand magic trick which is their narrative of innocence massacred, one sticks out more than anything else: 20 minutes of missing video.

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