Tuesday, February 5, 2008

2/05/08 Brianna Dennison Update

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2/05/08 update from this earlier post...
Reno Gazette Journal is following the abduction of Reno Teen Brianna Denison with frequent updates:

"Reno police said the DNA isn't the only link between four sexually motivated attacks against women near the University of Nevada, Reno campus, including the Jan. 20 abduction of missing woman Brianna Denison. They were crimes of opportunity. After a 19yr old UNR student reported last week that she was raped in October at gunpoint by a stranger in a campus parking lot, police say they are searching for a serial sexual predator"

"Three of the four women, including Denison, resemble each other in body size, hair color and age. The community is advised to use caution and secure their homes and not travel alone at night or when few people are around."

"Analysis of DNA has linked Denison's abduction to a Dec. 16 rape and abduction of a UNR student in an apartment parking lot across the street from the site of the attack in October."

The October incident is not connected at this time but police say there are similarities. All four incidents occurred within blocks of each other. Three of the four women, including Denison, resemble each other in body size, hair color and age."

The DNA evidence doesn't match what is in the local and national database but police said their is a backlog of 3,000 convicted offenders' DNA profiles yet to be entered into the database. It's possible the suspect's DNA is on a shelf at the Washoe county Crime Laboratory waiting to be entered into the system, officials say"......Dear Lord..ed

A sketch of the man in the Oct 22 rape should not rule out potential suspects because they rely on witness memories, and the man could have altered his appearance, officials said."

We continue to pray that Brianna will be found and reunited with her family.