Monday, February 4, 2008

Sheikh Imam Hassan Ali Sisse sez No Terrorists in Africa

Nigeria All Africa.
"Sheikh Imam Hassan Ali Sisse, the Chief Imam of Central Mosque of Medina has explained that the presence of the religion of Islam in Africa is among the reasons behind the non existence of the so called terrorists"
"He said "Islam is not a religion of terrorists, because it's not propagating terrorism. It's also a religion of peace and the word of peace, its similarity also came repeatedly in the Qur'an 33 times, while the word of war Alharb came in the holy book four times, so by comparison to these examples our religion is not a religion of terrorism or terrorists people, but is a religion of peace."

Wow, it looks like the followers of the religion of peace only have "four" references in the Qur'an regarding war. Who would of thunk? I guess my prior article on Chad was nothing more than "peaceful rebels" fighting for takeover of Chad.

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