Wednesday, February 13, 2008

For Samir: AKA " Brother Revival" and His Friends

Everyone knows that you are fond of men --- perhaps we should send you and Yousef some lubricant for that "special" friendship that you both have for one another for those ever so intimate times. Such "sweet" feelings you have for one another. Muslim men and the hate they have for women is simply a cover for their homosexuality and you are no different Sammy! Being gay is fine with me. Your hypocrisy about what you are is just part of being Muslim.

This is for your Taliban friends as well. Everyone knows they enjoy each other and the little "dancing boys" --- ask the Russian hackers they will collaborate these claims since they have found the pornography sites you guys visit very amusing.

ROTFL Samir --- what an owned beotch you are! The folks at JAWA have owned you for a long time! I am sure it hurts you to admit it but facts are facts. Everyone enjoys watching you brag to your little followers and whine when you get your blogs shut down. Must be quiet a balancing act to have it both ways!

Yousef, why do you have a wife when it is Samir you have those "loving feelings" for? Hah, a Muslim breeder only huh? Poor stupid woman.


SuperSekritZH#? said...

I wonder, maybe they need Preparation-H

Easy on the hole.

Leopard said...

I was an avid reader of their blog, and I never found evidence of homosexuality. No connection was made between homosexuality and them until you explained your theory. It is my sincere hope that the serial killer gets a hold of you before the police catch him for your slandering of people because you don't like their ideology.

SuperSekritZH#? said...

You leopard ..are full of shit..err brown spots!

Third Zionist Whore said...

leopard said: "I was an avid reader of their blog". We are so sowwy that you feel this way perhaps you never saw ant evidence because you did not want to see it. Now, go away. Play in traffic or something similar.