Wednesday, February 6, 2008

2/06/08 Update Nevadan's Contact Your Representatives...for Brianna Denison

Reno Gazette Journal is reporting since yesterday $62,000 has been raised with more pledges coming in. Thanks to all who have pledged for for Brianna and others whose cases are unsolved. Again Please contact your representatives listed below to ask them why they have allowed poor funding for such an important crime solving tool.....DNA!...they made the law and didn't fund it?
"Sheriff Mike Haley said at a Monday news conference that a new law that took effect in October requires DNA be taken and processed from all convicted felons and those convicted of gross misdemeanor sex crimes. But the state provided no money for the extra work, he said."

Nevada is asking for monies to help pay for backlog of DNA that may help to further solve Brianna Denison case. This is totally outrageous! John Gibbons,, Harry Reid & John Ensign what say you!
Thank you Ash/el cid!


Third Zionist Whore said...

For crying out loud! Why did Nevada get inflicted with those boobs.

I was commenting on our sticky with Brianna information but the comment didn't take and what I was saying is that I am sure that if they asked there are many qualified individuals that would volunteer to input the information!

Ash said...

I'm sorry my dear friends, but I can't see that site without signing up. And I sign up for nothing, without a preview (because of the credit card deal). It's a catch 22.

I put up a post at our site today, even though we don't have any readers local to the area that I know of.

So hopefully some of Tizona's readers feel the same.