Monday, February 4, 2008

While the West sleeps Taliban sweeps...

" A Child Soldier"
Image from a forum supporting the "coup" with comment that child soldiers are used all the time by Muslims. He/she should have added....they also use the "mentally ill".

Columinst Walid Phares Ph.D, (Director of the Future Terrorism Project at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD) in Washington, D.C., and visiting scholar at the European Foundation for Democracy in Brussels), has an article in the World Defense Review.
Walid Phares analysis of the recent happenings in Chad is chilling to say the least.
"In less than 12 hours the so-called armed opposition of Chad, crossed the entire country from its eastern frontiers with Islamist-ruled Sudan to the capital N'Djamena across from northern Nigeria. The latest reports mention fierce battles around the Presidential Palace and back and forth inside the city.But at this stage the geo-political consequences are crucial for the next stages locally, regionally and internationally."
"The bottom line is that, in one day, what could become the future Taliban of Chad have scored a trategic victory not only against the government of the country (which was supposed to back up the UN plans to save Dafur in Sudan), but also against the efforts by the African Union and European Union to contain the Sudanese regime and stop the Genocide."
The so -called opposition (Jihadi regime in Khartoum)"The Union of Forces for Democracy '(UFDD) led by Mohamat Nouri, "Rally of Forces for Change" (RFC) led by Timane Erdimi, and the UFDD-Fundamental led by Abdelwahid Aboud Mackaye declared "victory to the international media" after battling the Chadian Army and isolating the President in his palace."
"Using the classical doctrine of Khid'aa (or deception) the Khartoum regine bought as much time as it needed to allow the arming and training of the "rebels" in Chad. The equipment used by the militias has been obtained in few months and "offices" were opened in several countries in the region. Oil dividends quickly poured on the future Taliban of Chad and their political and media training went very fast. "

The question asked by Mr Walid "How did the strategists in Washington and Paris fail to predict this? and goes on to say "movements on the ground inside Chad and intense media activity in support on al Jazeera for months projected what was to come."
"Amazingly, as the "opposition" forces have reached N-Djamena the official minister of what will become the future Taliban regime in Chad, Jibrin Issa was comfortably seated in al Jazeera's studios in Qatar." Mr Phares noted while listening to Jibrin Issa the ease in which he spoke Arabic. "He was wearing a classical Western business outfit and clean shaven. The PR strategy was to project this coup as "domestic" against "corruption." Phares also noted toward the end of the interview Issa "erred" in thanking the "brave commander of the Islamic Republic of Sudan" General Omar al Bashir ( the head of the regime responsible for the Genocide in Darful) for his help to the "movement" and started to praise his "highness the servant of the two shrines," (that is the Saudi Monarch) for his support (obviously to the movement)." "Al Jazeera anchor became frustrated apparently in realizing the "game" had been uncovered"
A Sudanese-backed operation aimed at changing the regime in Chad, backed by Wahabi circles, moved to crumble the forthcoming humanitarian operation in Darfur. As Mr Phares commented..."The Jihadist, kings of strategies, won another day". While scouring news stories in regards to this I found an article on Yahoo News regarding the incident. "Strangely? it reads different. The UN Security Council held a special "Emergency" meeting Sunday and urged a ceasefire between the government in Chad and the "rebel forces" trying to topple it. "Rebel" forces....mentioned throughout the "news". Hmmm, Howie's article states that some are blaming the Joooos for the Darfur Genocide...guess who?
h/t Kafir Alalazoo

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Third Zionist Whore said...

This was a stunning post. Sure no "child soldiers". I swear they are evil and I know I should not say that because all Muslims are not evil but a person on YouTube actually blamed America for the suicide bombing in Iraq with those two girls who might be as young as 16 and Downs Syndrome. Arrrrgggghh.

Lets elect Walid Phares!! I was stunned by his grasp.