Saturday, February 23, 2008

Westboro Idiots Plans Protests Tonight at Memorial of Murdered Teenager Brianna Denison of Reno, Nevada!

For those of you unaware I have been following this case closely here and directing people to updated information on Brianna Dennison Zunino's murder.
Reno Teenager and Santa Barbara College student Brianna Denison was abducted in January while staying with friends over Christmas break. The home was near the University of Nevada and close to two other recent rapes. Her body was later found this month 8 miles from where she disappeared.

The police have been working feverishly to find this killer. They have linked his DNA to the 2 other rapes and believe a 3rd rape case in the area may also be linked.

Now that he has murdered his lastest victim the community is in fear he will strike again. UNR students & others are arming themselves with stun guns and mace. Unfortunately stores are running out of both.

The killer must feel very much in control and "up" right now knowing what he has done to the community. He had left a pair of thong underwear next to Brianna's body. DNA determined they didn't belong to Brianna. It did show his DNA and an unknown females. So it appears he is taunting the authorities.

Now the bas***ds of the Westboro Baptist Church, I use the term "church" loosely here, want to protest the "Celebration of Life" being held in memory of Brianna from 6 to 7pm tonight at the Reno Sparks Convention Center. According to their website:
Reno-Sparks Convention Center
4590 S. Virginia St.
This is for the memorial service for Brianna Denison. She was the "victim" of a serial rapist's[sic] strangulation. We call it the Wrath of God being poured out on a nation of rebels without a cause. You brought this Wrath on your own head, Reno, NV because you (lst) raised your children to be dashed to pieces as rebellious, arragant[sic] soldiers of a Doomed nation of perverts and (2nd) when we warned you to not go to Hell like the dead soldiers and OBEY YOUR MAKER [......]You taught your daughters to be whores ? God sent the pervert to rape and murder your daughters. You taught your people to be lawless ? when your police do NOT obey the law and the oath they took ? you teach rebellion to the people. When you call God a liar and say his standards are on the table to dispose of, you teach the pervert that HE is entitled to disobey the law!! America is Doomed, and Reno, Nevada is Doomed. Amen.
The group released a statement to the media earlier explaining their reason for the protest..."Reno Police Department". They lied, this is about Brianna and her life as you can see by the above statement from their website.

This case is very close to my heart and wish I could be there to counter their protest. The good folks of Reno certainly will be there as you see what happened to the Phelps group the last time they protested in Reno at a fallen hero's funeral.

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