Friday, February 8, 2008

What Is Wrong With Islam???

Another fine video from the fabulous humanitarian deelynn our You Tube friend! She hits the nail on the head with her fine videos. Islam speaks loud and clear in this video about who and what they want , think, and desire. You Tube has been invaded by a bunch of Muslims that are flagging any video that causes them to feel any outrage or that questions their religion. Dee has had to remake several of her videos. The video above has had to be remade several times.

You Tube is supporting these Muslims in their quest to silence everyone that is making videos that highlight what Islam does when it is less than flattering. Many posters and videos that question Islam our outrage Muslims have been banned out right and their accounts closed. You Tube has no problem hosting many terrorists and their friends that support and preach violent jihad. Please see our friends at You Tube Smack Down for information in how to stop You Tube terror propaganda. You can leave any messages here for us and I will answer them if you want to get involved in this fight.

Many You Tubers that are fighting the good fight against Islamic propaganda have had their lives and the lives of their family threatened for their efforts to expose the lack of humanity that is taught by Islam. Please support these freedom fighters at You Tube --- get involved in the fight! Great video Dee!
Thank you!

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SuperSekritZH#? said...

Fight the fight is right. No complaining unless you can say....I flagged! Seriously, it is a fight that is very important and shouldn't be ignored. Besides, one gets "sweet notes" in their acct. for this. :)