Sunday, February 24, 2008

From "progressive" lefties website OpEd Piece

Article discusses how all our problems with the environment can be solved in one easy step. Use the UFO's technology?!?!
The truth is that the way the ET spaceships are powered with almost unlimited cheap power can be used to drive our civilization with little environmental effects. The oil industry relies on scarcity to control the price of oil and make trillions of dollars at public expense but all that would have been wiped out with cheap abundant energy.

Also we would not have a global warming and other environmental degradation that so threaten us and our planet if cheap non polluting energy had come into widespead use by the 1960's as it should have.[first UFO sighting?]
The author goes on to describe how the youfo's glide through the air using electromagnetic and anti-gravity propulsion. We would be "traveling through the air using non-polluting ZPE[zero point energy]. How many youfo's has the author been up close and personal with?

His main idea in all of this is to get all the activists together:
Environmentalists should team up with exopolitical activists and peace activists and other activists even in the health industry because and end to the UFO/ET cover up would drastically and fundamentally change our world for the better.

Whoa, crazies getting crazier.

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