Friday, February 1, 2008

Brainwashing & Taqiyya

A message to allahakchew at Youtube regarding this video Support Our Troops. By "troops" this person means...terrorists.

"read few of ur comments, u seem a anti muslim."

No, I am not anti-muslim. I am against muslims who happened to be terrorists.

"from that i judge that u are jionist i might be wrong."

I do not know what a "jionist" is?!?
u said using brain on islam is waste, i guess u dont even know anything about islam.

Incorrect, I do know about islam.
u learn islam on media what u see, and what ur jionist sites tell u.

"Media", yes I have learned through "your" propaganda media. What I have seen has sickened me. The savage brutality is not for the faint hearted as it will haunt ones soul. Again, I do not know what "jionist" is.
then u try to go around sites thinking u know islam and start saying stupid stuff without thinking.

No, my opinion isn't stupid, it is backed up by facts.
i will honestly advice u that be honest to ur selve. this what we want from the American and the jews, be honest and at least once in ur lives think from ur own head rather then using the media nad hollywood movies
I am being honest about what I have seen. No I don't take MSM's word for anything as they have a agenda I disagree with....I love America and the Jews. "Hollywood", now that is funny, you fell for that when radicals told you it is so.
u said we take what our imam tells us about to blow up kuffar. now i know when u sed the word kuffar u trying to add that u know about islam.

Well yes, I do. I am called a kuffar in the Qu'ran. Under Sharia law I would be a blasphemer. I will never submit to your "religion" called Islam and the penalty is death for that.
let me tell u that every scholar of muslims around the wrold has condemned sucide bombing. thats terrism which islam denies and will not agree but islam in the same hand is strongyl against state terroism like US and isreal. who mascare thousadns of muslims over a night, but the group terorists who blow themselves up kill few dozans. so judge urslve,

Please enlighten me with the names of those scholars who condemn suicide bombing. "Kill a few dozen"? Taqiyya is getting stronger her.
but we will never ever go against Jihad a strugle for thre path of Allah in order to restore peace and justice in our lands. this is very simple, if i was to come to ur home, rap ur sister, beat ur mum kill ur dad and turture ur brothers, would u clap and give me flowers or u would defend urselve and ur home and ur family from me in the best way the least cuse of injustice
You would be dead if you came to my home, plain and simple. Your words are the words of a radicalized brain on Islam.
and if u belive that twin towers was done by muslims, or u belive that all that sucide bombings happen by muslims u must be one of the dumpest person in the wolrd who dont even know about potlics.

9/11 twoofer eh? Damn idiots have brainwashed you too.
Dump? That is funny. That is exactly what you are trying to do to by and take a "dump" of Islamic lies or Taqyiia if you prefer. "Politics"?, yes I do know your politics...caliphate...sharia law.
Dont worry u guess u zionists would be in power for ever. look at the history and judge urslfe
May I suggest you research more. We will not let Islam take us back to the dark ages.
u dont have murcy and kill muslims right and left and soon the Army of Muhammad (saw) while provile and bring the flag of justice which thousands and millions of jews and chirstains lived under peace in our lands a very good example Al andalus.

I have mercy and don't go "killing muslims right and left." Your "brothers" have managed that.
ROFLMAO. Jews and Christians will never live in peace in your world. We will not submit and that angers you doesn't it.
i have nothing aginst jews nor christains i have everything against those who fight us and who want to kill me or my family, i have all right to defend it.

So who exactly are you against?
I will end this to a link you should follow. Your "fellow" brothers in Islam" using their radicalized brain on Islam.

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Third Zionist Whore said...

OMG, you know these people are mentally ill. I just answered his as well. We shall see. I think we have got to kill them all because they will not stop killing until they are gone. No use in trying reason. That simply will not work.