Sunday, February 10, 2008

US Forces Detain Director of Psychiatric Hospital in Bagdad

From JammieWearingFool

Acting Director of Baghdad Psychiatric Hospital Held in Connection With 'Down's Syndrome' Homicide Bombings


BAGHDAD (Reuters) -
U.S. troops raided a psychiatric hospital in Baghdad on Sunday and arrested a man suspected of involvement in two recent bombings blamed on mentally impaired women, the U.S. military said.

Ten days ago, explosives carried by two women, said by Iraqi and U.S. officials to be mentally handicapped teenagers and unwitting suicide bombers, blew up in two popular pet markets in central Baghdad, killing 99 people and wounding more than 150.

The attacks, which the U.S. military blamed on al Qaeda, were the deadliest bombings in the city since last April.
"We did conduct an operation at the al-Rashad hospital," Lieutenant-Colonel Steve Stover, a spokesman for U.S. troops in Baghdad, told Reuters. "We detained an individual that we believe was linked to al Qaeda in Iraq and suicide bombers."

He confirmed the man was suspected of being involved in the recent deadly attacks but declined to give any further details. The man had not yet been charged, he added.

This news is sickening....if he is connected to the horrific use of such people to carry out suicide bombs...lobotomy comes to mind for him....wishful thinking on my part but still.....


Third Zionist Whore said...

I was thinking about feeding him to some very nice tigers --- the lobotomy is too good foer him and beside he is already brain damaged by his "religion" of peace.

Third Zionist Whore said...

foer=for. Unfortunately the SF police shot the one I had in mind but there are more that would do.:)